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Annual Gender and Development Accomplishment Report 2020

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1 2   4 5 MOOE                  PS                  Co  
            (  a  )                 ( b )             ( C )  
CLIENT FOCUSED                
1. Low level of awareness of teachers and students on GAD as program and  GAD and related laws Increase awareness of teachers  on GAD as Program and GAD related laws LCE GAD program  Symposium and trainings on GAD as program and Gad Related laws conducted Gender sensitivity training for teachers and other Gad related laws 30,000.00     MSWDO Office / office of the LCE
2. Prevalence of rape cases and sexual abuses  in the Municipality Prevent rape cases in the and sexual abuses in the municipality Women and Children’s welfare program Symposium on Anti-rape bill and responsible parenting  conducted symposium on anti-rape bill and responsible parenting in barangays with cases of rape and sexual abuse. 30,000.00     MSWDO
3. Not all barangays have women representative in their local development council 100% of the barangays in the municipality of Banate have women representative in the Barangay Development Council Women’s Welfare Program  Lobbying and training of Women leaders Women Sector representative in 18 barangays  become a member of Barangay Development Council 15,000.00     MSWDO/ Office of the LCE
4. Women who are in child bearing stage and employed  find difficulty in caring their children while they are at work  working women have an access to child minding Center find easy while they are at work Children  and women welfare program Proposal making and lobbying for the construction of child minding center  approved proposal 15,000.00     MSWDO/ office of the LCE
5. GAD CODE  and Children’s Code was  not updated Update GAD Code and Children’s Code  of the Municipality of Binate Children’s Welfare Program requested for the updating of the code  updated women and childrens code 10,000.00     MSWDO /Office of the LCE and Legislative Office
      conducted public hearing and created resolutions and ordinances      
6. Less functional Men’s group Opposing Violence  and less capacity of ERPAT groups in doing advocacy for women  and not complete profiling for GAD Data Bank  Men Oppose Violence Everywhere (MOVE) were fully functional and capacitated to do advocacy for women and have a complete profile of erpat for Gad Data Bank ERPAT Program Strengthening ERPAT and MOVE Groups in 18 barangays in the municipality and conduct capacity enrichment activity and data profiling 18 barangay have an active ERPAT and MOVE Groups and complete Profile for GAD data bank  120,000.00     MSWDO
7.Insuficient blood  stock  in the blood bank for the municipality of banate needed by women during hospitalization  and indigent families (inclusive women) and blood processing  Sufficient Stock  of blood in RED Cross and Western Visayas Medical Center Blood Bank,   Medical Health Care Program Bloodletting Activity  Reached the required 350 bags of blood donations for the municipality of Banate/       Mayor’s Office and MHO
8.Women’s are victims of drug abuses and violence is prevalence due to drugs and substance abuse Minimize drug related abuses on women Drug prevention rehabilitation Program  Family  therapeutic  Counseling Advocacy program an d livelihood skills developed 172 PWUDs will be given counseling  assistance through Advocacy and Livelihood skills development 100,000.00     MSWD office / Office of the LCE / PNP
9.Limited access of men and women Solo parents and PWDs in capitalization to Augment income  men and women ACCESS Capital to augment their  family income Livelihood Assistance program Provide financial assistance to all sectors 200  individuals was given financial assistance 1,000,000.00     Office of the LCE/ MSWD Office
10.Job order staff and  Child development workers and also indigent not included in NHTS more of Women were not enrolled in Phil health To enroll Job  order staff and child Development workers in Phil Health Point of Care Service Program Phil health enrollment 88 individuals enrolled in Phil health 320,000.00     Office of the LCE
11.Flooded drainage  and dilapidated roofing  in the market area affects women vendors and consumers during heavy rain and comfort room were not GAD Friendly  GAD friendly market place Infrastructure rehabilitation program Construction of drainage,  rehabilitation of market roofing, and comfort rooms Presence of Gad friendly Comfort room, not flooded market area and roofing were rehabilitated      1,400,000.00 Office of the LCE and Engineering Office
12. lack of breast feeding station in the Banate terminal and in the market place Presence of breast feeding station in Banate terminal  Infrastructure development program  Construction of breast feeding station in Terminal area 2 Usable breastfeeding station in the market place and Banate terminal     100,000.00 Office of the LCE and Engineering office
13. Higher incidence  of malnutrition  among 0-6 years old children in the municipality  Lessen malnutrition incidence Feeding program and advocacy training for children   Conduct feeding and educational sessions on parent about malnutrition Progression of malnutrition status of the municipality 150,000.00     MHO/office of th LCE
14.Not fully functional VAWC Desk due to lack of Knowledge and skills in handling VAWC Cases in barangay level Fully functional VAWC Desk with skilled VAWC desk officer  Women’s Welfare Program Training of VAWC Desk on VAW related laws 18 VAWC Desk were functional with skilled officer  30,000.00     MSWDO/Office of the LCE
15. GAD plan in barangay  level was not comprehensively done Presence of comprehensive  Gad Plan in every barangay Women Welfare Program Training Workshop in GAD Planning And Budgeting in barangay level -1 Training conducted 20,000.00     MSWDO/ Office of the LCE
-18 GAD plan in Barangay Level developed
16.Low level of awareness of women on the issue of violence against women and children and GAD related laws affecting women Increased awareness on GAD related laws and others issue on violence against  women and their children Women Welfare program Women Month celebration with advocacy on Violence against Women and other related laws 2,500 women attended the women’s Month celebration and advocacy on violence against women and other GAD related laws 70,000.00     MSWDO/OFFICE OF THE LCE
17. Increasing Suicidal rates ,premarital sex cases  , teenage pregnancy,  and sex survival cases in the community Decrease number of suicide rates, premarital sex, teenage pregnancy, and sex survival cases in the locality. Youth Welfare Program Symposium on sexuality, risk of early sexual engagement, risk of giving birth and effects to future and self 2 symposium conducted with 180 participants attended and strengthened youth organization 145,000.00     MSWDO/Office of the LCE
18. Crisis Center for Women and Children is not fully functional   Crisis Center for Women and children is fully functional Women’s and Children’s welfare Program -Lobbying for the functionality of a crisis Center and for the ordinance and guidelines of operating   ordinance/ resolution created for the  and 2 Staff  hired to look for the center  150,000.00     HRDO AND MSWDO/LCE / SB office 
19. Unwed couples produces illegitimate children and causes conflict of guardianship when separation happened and produces Children In Conflict with the Law (CICL) and Children At Risk  (CAR)  Lower the number of Unwed Couples in the community and lessen illegitimate children  Family Welfare Program -Mass wedding 20 couples decided to bind through marriage for  Filipino family welfare 40,000,00     MSWDO/ office of the civil registrar
20.Observe cases of Family of separation and breakdown Reduce cases of family Separation and Breakdown Family Welfare and enrichment program  -Family Counseling 1 family Day  100,000.00     MSWDO
-Marriage counseling  100 couple undergone counseling
- Family day  
21. limited availability of Data to reflect gender responsiveness  Available GAD data bank Data Banking Data collection and Collation  Data Bank Installed and GAD Database is available  60,000.00     PPDO,MSWDO
purchased  1set computer
23. Rocky  and muddy roads in te upland areas that affects men and women in delivering product in the market area Accessible farm to market roads Infrastructure program  Construction of concrete roads Concreted roads for easy transport     2,000,000.00 Municipal engineering office /office of the LCE
24. Women and children with their families in difficult circumstances had less access to financial assistance women and children and their families in difficult circumstances access financial assistance through AICS financial assistance program provision of AICS to the qualified beneficiaries 200 individuals and families was given financial assistance 500,000.00     MSWDO          office of the LCe Treasurers office
25.Lack of Vulnerability and risk assessment for social protection  that of the women situation in the locality social protection risk and vulnerability assessment as bases of the intervention of GAD and other programs of the government social protection program Assessment Survey   60,000.00     MSWDO
26.solo parents were not organized and was not given advocacy on GAD related issues that they encounter  Organization of solo parent in the 18 barangays of Banate and strengthened through trainings and advocacy Solo Parents Welfare Program conduct organizational meeting and advocacy on Solo parents related laws 18 barangays had asolo parents organized group 145,000.00     MSWDO
created municipal federation among solo parents
27.OSCA program is not Gender Sensitive institutionalize a gender sensitive program for senior citizen Senior citizen welfare Program conduct advocacy  activity for senior citizen 18 barangay chapter become a GAD friendly Program for senior Citizen 258,000.00     office of the LCE and MSWDO
28.The Sector of PWD is Not institutionalized and less Gender sensitive and PDAO not installed Create a gender sensitive office and program for PWDs PWD welfare program creation of PDAO desk with functional and gender sensitive program PWDs Organizations Have a concrete Activities 325.000.00      
29.Child Development workers have limited knowledge of Gender and development and less skills in inculcating Gender issues and equality on children  Gender Sensitive workers and improved skills in teaching Gender Equality Children’s welfare program training for child development workers 31 child development workers of 18 barangays attended training on GAD 35,000.00     Office of MSWD
30.Not all 4psParent leaders were gender sensitive All 4PS PARENT LEADERS ARE GENDER SENSiTIVE 4Psprogram advocacy program trained 4Ps  leaders 60,000.00      
31.Not GAD friendly Structure to hold GAD activities GAD friendly venue for GAD activities Infrastructure development program  rehabilitation of Banate Gymnasium Improved and GAD friendly gymnasium      500,000.00  
33. Absence of Multi-Disciplinary Team for crisis intervention in Presence of multi disciplinary team for crisis  women’s welfare program Creation of Multi-disciplinary team in the municipality   30,000.00      
SUB TOTAL 4,623,000.00   4,000,000.00  
                                                                                                                                 TOTAL                                                                             8,623,000.00
Organization Focus                
1 Less functional GAD Focal Point System(GFPS) The GFPS is fully functional  continuing Capability building  - Conduct Regular meetin g of GFPS -  developed plan for 2021 training conducted 30,000.00     MSWDO/ office of the LCE
-  GFPS training workshop on GAD Planning and Budgeting 2020 - 90% of GPFS members attended the training
2. Programs Activities and Projects of LGU are not fully  GAD responsive Gender Responsive LGU Monitoring  and Evaluation Conduct assessment and evaluation  -90 % of GFPS M embers attended the evaluation and assessment                                Gender assessment result  available 15,000.00     MSWDO/Office of the LCE
3.GAD plan was not well mainstreamed and planning was  not well participated by the GFPS Well Mainstreamed LGU GAD Plan and well Participated  Planning and Budgeting with Mainstreamed  GAD Activities Planning and Budgeting that involve all LGU  Departments - 7 departments contributed in the Annual GAD Plan and Budget                        Developed a Comprehensive GAD Plan For 2021 10,000.00     MSWDO/ Office of the LCE
4. Low level of Gender Awareness of Employees  and lack of GAD information materials as aid in educating populace Increase Gender awareness among Employees   LCE GAD program Education campaign and Advocacy Seminar and Symposium  on Gender Awareness and Production of EIC materials 2 Training Conducted on gender awareness  70,000.00     MSWDO/ Office of the LCE
- Produced EIC materials
5. Child Development Workers  99% are women were given less compensation  as 1500,000 for last 10 years  giving  an increase  of subsidy to child development workers from 1,500.00 to 3,000. subsidy for the augmentation  allowance augmentation 31 CDW received compensation  1,152,000.00     MSWDO
Sub-total  1,277,000.00      
SUB TOTAL        
TOTAL B ( MOEE+PS+CO)                                                                                                                                                                           P 1, 277, 00.00
Attributed Programs
  HGDG Design/Funding Facilities Generic Checklist Score Total ANNUAL program/ Project Budget    GAD Attributed program/projects Lead or responsible office
Title of LGU program and projects 9   Budget  
        10   12
Grand Total (A+B+C) 9,900,000.00
Prepared By: Approved By: DATE : 
GAD FOCAL PERSON/ MSWDO Local Chief Executive  


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