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Culture and Tourism


Bring a positive state of mind and the intention of having a good time. With this Excursion Guide, the Municipality of Banate invites you to discover and enjoy all what this municipality have to offer.

Regardless of what the thermometer reads while you are packing, include a bathing suit, sun screen/lotion, sun glasses and loose, comfortable clothing. Do not forget your shorts and a soft, baggy robe to wear as you relax and are lulled to sleep by the sounds of the gentle breeze rocking the palm trees on a tropical moonlit night.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and video-recorder. The jewel in the north has areas that are studded with dazzling spectacle you might be lucky enough to capture, as many painters and photographers have before, and keep as an unforgettable memento of your trip.
This guide is the best tool for you to know all about Municipality of Banate. Its culture and festivity; its beaches, flora and fauna are some of the geographical must see given by Mother Nature that unites with the hospitality and contagious joy of its people to make it a haven for a restless soul.

No matter where you’re staying, each corner of this municipality offers you many different attractions for you to discover on a nice tropical weather and always under the intense blue colour sky. From now on, just add to your travel agenda the offers you will find in this Guide.

The Excursion Guide offers useful information for you to make of your vacation a unique experience and make you go back home with a strong conviction that Municipality of Banate really is the best option in the northern part of Iloilo. Enjoy your stay.

Banate can be reached via Iloilo City by buses, jeepneys and shuttle vans from various terminals at Iloilo City. Barotac Viejo Busses and Jeepneys’ Terminal at Tagbak, Jaro, Iloilo City and Shuttle Vans located at Baldoza, Lapaz, Iloilo City. 

Banate boast a market that sleeps late at night and wakes up as early as 2:00 am. Food and other things can be bought from the market as well as other sari sari stores. Fish, Crabs and other Sea Foods can be purchased at the Market Fish Section. Vegetable and Fruits have their own areas. Beverages and Alcoholic drinks are readily available at convenient stores and grocery stores


Annual Audit Report for 2021

What:   Dry Run for the operationalization of the Slaughterhouse

Who: Farmers (Rice & Corn) and Livestock Raiser 
When: March 5, 2021