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For over 17 years in the making, Kasag festival came as an offshoot of the Annual Street Dancing Competition as highlight of the Annual Town Fiesta and the Blue Crabs as the Banate’s One Town One Product (OTOP).With the implementation of the DTI’s One Town One Product (OTOP), Banate identified Kasag (Blue Crab) as the prevalent and flourishing fishery based industry thus making it Banate’s OTOP. Promoting the new product and incorporating the product with the festival was conceptualized by the people in charge of OTOP and the positive response from the Local Chief Executive, all systems go for the First Kasag Festival Celebration came into celebration on December of 2007.

Food Courts of various mouth-watering and native delicacies were there to give justice to the ever-craving and discriminating taste of Ilonggos. Daily entertaining activities were organized topped by the eagerly anticipated all new Street Dancing Competition based on the idea of Kasag’s preservation for future generation and Kasag’s nature and thanksgiving to the bountiful season of fishing

Celebrated every 24th of June in Honour of St. John the Baptist, a unifying force for Banatenhans as Locals, Balikbayans and Touristas marvel at the devotion to the Almighty Creator is displayed.

Early morning of June 24 is an activity never to be missed. Devotees of St. John the Baptist flocked the Sea aboard their Pump boats for a Floral Offering around Hibutkan.

Held every easter sunday of the year karera de paraw is a sailboat racing participated by banatenhon fisher folks. It aims to help boost Banate Tourism together with Kasag Festival, help boost artistic ability of Banatenhon Youth thru Sail Painting Competition, and give a good break for
the fisherfolks while earning prizes.

Reinactment of the Agony and Ordeal of our Lord Jesus Christ is conducted every Friday of the Semana Santa. Sponsored and Played by the IFI Parishioneers, Tal Tal became an attraction for tourists.


Annual Audit Report for 2021

What:   Dry Run for the operationalization of the Slaughterhouse

Who: Farmers (Rice & Corn) and Livestock Raiser 
When: March 5, 2021