Poblacion, Banate
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Mission and Vision


Banate, An Eco-Tourism Destination, Known For Its Famous Kasag Delicacies, Self-Reliant, Dynamic, Proactive And Highly Responsive, Disaster
Resilient Community With Healthy, Participative, God-Loving And Empowered Citizenry Living In An Ecologically Balance, Progressive, Economically
Diversified Municipality Under A Transparent, Accountable And Cohesive Political Leaders.


1. To make Banate an eco-tourism destination;
2. A disaster resilient community and disaster prepared Banatenhons;
3. To transform Banate into a sustainable and economic diversified municipality;
4. To be able to provide a decent, and healthy living condition;
5. To transform into a peaceful and productive citizenry;
6. To build a well-coordinated environment protection, preservation and management program;
1. To promote a sound and viable community life and improve the socio-economic standard of living for both Urban and Rural Areas.
2. To enhance a sustainable public service oriented unit.
3. To develop a disaster risk resilient and ecologically balance community.
4. To provide equal opportunity for quality education to all which is relevant and accessible to all.


1. Enhance health service delivery
2. Adaptation of appropriate agricultural technology such as diversified integrated farming system
3. Capacity building of public officials and employees toward effective and efficient public service delivery
4. Develop disaster capability preparedness and awareness of the community
5. Implementation of Laws, Rules and Regulations, Policies, and Orders on Environment Protection
6. Strengthen partnership with DEPED and other stakeholders to provide support mechanisms for achieving desired results and improving facilities of learning
7. Enhance coastal resources management and mangrove development program.
8. Train and develop farmers awareness towards proper forest resource management
9. Comprehensive Shelter Plan for the vulnerable and informal settlers


1. Updating of the Municipal Revenue Code and passing an Investment Code, Market Code
2. Attainment to total environment protection and preservation and meaningful enforcement of the Ecological Solid Waste Plan
3. Comprehensive mangrove plantation on coastal areas and massive tree planting in upland areas
4. Provision of livelihood programs and projects to reduce poverty incidence
5. People empowerment through partnership with NGO’s and other agencies.
6. Aggressive children and youth development program
7. Sports and cultural development at all levels
8. Effective and efficient public service delivery specifically on health programs
9. To fill the backlog in social infrastructure such as school site, school buildings, health facilities, socialized housing, sports facilities and cemetery.
10. Enhancement of the Municipal Port facilities and drainage syste


Annual Audit Report for 2021

What:   Dry Run for the operationalization of the Slaughterhouse

Who: Farmers (Rice & Corn) and Livestock Raiser 
When: March 5, 2021