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Natural Spots

Water Eden is stowed in the bosom of Managopaya Mountain. Adventure-lovers will enjoy clambering up the hills and meandering through a series of streams before reaching the waterfalls. The unsullied beauty of the remotely hidden falls with its gushing waters and pools amid the dense forest would make its visitors gape in awe at the primeval sight.

Intrupahan is a privately-owned and secluded water retreat about two kilometers away from the densely inhabited Barangay San Salvador. It is characterized by coconut tree-lined shores and rocky shorelines. The pristine beach evokes mysticism especially with the masses of rocks that isolate it from the adjoining Solangan and Punta Magkil beaches and the “lunok” trees on the eastern part of the island. Intrupahan has a historical significance. It derived its name from the word “gintrupahan” because it was used as a citadel during the Spanish era.

Adjacent to the port, is the Eco Park. Originally, a dump site, the place was miraculously transformed into a recreation area. Lined with pine trees and picnic tables, along with a gazebo, the park offers a cool respite from the oppressive heat. The park has several food stalls that serve refreshments and delectable specialties. The buko halo-halo is a must try dessert. In the evening, the park is alive with a melee of people who come to dine, drink, and sing along in the videoke or simply to relax. The gentle sea breeze and the waves lapping against the dike make one fell in commune with nature.



Annual Audit Report for 2021

What:   Dry Run for the operationalization of the Slaughterhouse

Who: Farmers (Rice & Corn) and Livestock Raiser 
When: March 5, 2021