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Report of Special Education Fund Utilization 2020-Q1

FDP Form 11- Reutilization        
(SEF Budget Accountability form No 1)        
                                                                                         SEF UTILIZATION
                                                                                      1st Quarter CY 2020
Province of Iloilo        
Municipality of Banate        
RECEIPT FROM SEF     1,250,000.00  
Less:  Disbursements (Breakdown by Object of Expenditure)        
Personal Services        
        Salary and Other Benefits of SEF teachers        
          1.  Construction of Remedial Reading Room, Water Facilities, Repair      
and Maintenance of School Buildings, and other Facilities of Public        
Elementary and Secondary Schools.        
       A. National High School        
       B. Elementary School        
        2. Educational Research        
        3. Purchase of Books, Modules, and other Learning Instructional        
Materials, School Forms, and other School Supplies        
        4. School Sports Development Program and Other DepEd Related        
Activities including Co-Curricular Activities.        
         A. National High School        
         B. Elementary School        
Capital Outlay        
     Facilities and Equipment        
       1. Purchase of Simple Laboratory Devices such as tables, monobloc/        
wooden chairs, cabinets, computer, etc.        
Total Expenditures      0.00  
Balance Available as of this Quarter     1,250,000.00  
Prepared by:        
                            JOY B. BACTUNG        
                            Bookbinder 11        
Approved by:        
                           CARLOS O. CABANGAL, JR.        
                           Municipal  Mayor        


What:   Dry Run for the operationalization of the Slaughterhouse

Who: Farmers (Rice & Corn) and Livestock Raiser 
When: March 5, 2021 
by: Geramae Bagolcol
When:    February 9-10, 2021 (Food Subsidy)

Voter"s Registration 2021